Who we are

We are an independent fieldwork provider specializing in qualitative market research for the healthcare industry.

With our permanent staff in 13 countries (USA, France, UK, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Japan and India) and our team of over 300 freelancers/local partners in 40+ countries, we offer global solutions to all qualitative fieldwork needs.

We are experts in healthcare, qualitative research, and fieldwork management.

What we do

QualWorld offers a full range of qualitative methodologies: telephone interviews, web-assisted interviews, traditional in-person methodologies (both in-field and in central location settings) and innovative methodologies (e.g. online bulletin boards, online focus groups, mobile research).

We also provide support with pilots/pre-tests and face-to-face quantitative interviews.

Sample only? Moderation? Transcripts? Reports? We tailor our services to your specific needs for each individual project.

Why us

We offer large scale global fieldwork solutions with the convenience of a single point-of-contact, local expertise and the tailored, top quality services of a boutique agency.

Every one of our project managers has 3 to 20+ years of experience in healthcare market research (fieldwork and full service) and brings a unique local, methodological, operational or therapeutic expertise. Our truly international and multi-cultural team speaks 20 different languages.

Management Team


Saint Etienne, France

Cedric Degraeuwe, CEO, Saint Etienne, France

Cedric has been the CEO of QualWorld since 2014.

Prior to cofounding QualWorld with 4 other veterans of the industry, Cedric worked in the capacity of Vice President at WorldOne and was in charge of heading the Qualitative department globally, managing a team of 30 project managers and account executives around the world.

Cedric brings with him years of experience in fieldwork, project management and client services in healthcare market research. While working at AplusA (Lyon, France) and later at GfK Research Matters (Basel, Switzerland), he managed all phases of ad-hoc research projects in a number of therapeutic areas, from survey design to in-person presentation of findings to the sponsors of the research.

Cedric is a French native with a degree in international business and marketing (obtained in France) and an MBA in Management (obtained in Louisiana, USA).

“I am huge fan of improvisational theatre, especially improv comedy, both as a spectator and on stage. I have been an improv amateur comedian and instructor since 2008 myself. Not only is it a fantastic and really fun activity, but also an incredible experience that helps me in everyday life and at the work place in many ways.”

Day McLaughlin

Managing Partner of
North America
North Carolina, USA

Maureen Day McLaughlin, Managing Partner of North America, North Carolina, USA

Maureen started her career as a social worker, then transitioned into the field of pharmaceutical marketing research. Her extensive experience fielding both domestic and international qualitative research, coupled with experience working in a healthcare setting, provides her an educated perspective on healthcare marketing research.

Maureen has her BS in social work and has completed some graduate course work as well. She has worked in the industry for over 15 years in a variety of roles. Prior to co-founding QualWorld, she has held positions at WorldOne, GfK Healthcare, TVG, and ICR in the role of Head of Qualitative Project Management, Director, Project Manager and Senior Field Manager. During this time, she has managed both qualitative and quantitative research, but her main concentration has been qualitative. Maureen is also a member of PMRG and PBirg.

Maureen enjoys working in such an innovative industry and company that she calls a family of friends. She values the ability to learn and grow in such an international and diverse community. She is always encouraging and ready to help her colleagues.

“In my daily life I enjoy the outdoors, whether it is walking my dog with my husband or gardening. I have belonged to a local organic gardening group for several years and continue to enjoy this time outside. When possible, my husband and I also like to travel and explore the world around us.”


Managing Partner of Asia
London, UK

Brandy Lau, Managing Partner of Asia, London, UK

Brandy Lau is QualWorld’s Managing Partner Asia, responsible for all Asian operations. She co-founded QualWorld in 2014. She has been working as a qualitative researcher, project manager and moderator since 2003. She specializes in healthcare market research. Over the years, Brandy has provided valuable assistance in moderation, project management and execution in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Brandy has experience in a broad range of different types of research, such as product positioning and repositioning, brand image testing, advertising tests, detail aid testing patient pathways, concept testing, segmentations, exploratory and innovative medical device testing, etc.

Brandy graduated from medical school. Her moderation skills are of very high standard. Many clients request her to moderate qualitative studies in Chinese due to her ability to manage challenging discussion guides and tough interviews with a firm and pragmatic approach. Prior to launching the Asian operations of QualWorld Brandy was the Head of Qualitative Project Management at WorldOne from 2008 to 2013, and client’s executive, Senior project manager in Synovate Healthcare from 2003 to 2008.

“I want my daughters to be healthy and be able to reach their dreams, I want them to travel as many places as they can in order to see this beautiful world, enjoy their life with their loved ones. This motivates me to work hard every day.”


Managing Partner of Resources
Chambéry, France

Caroline Keravel, Managing Partner of Resources, Chambery, France

Caroline has 15 years of experience in healthcare market research. She started her career at A+A managing international qualitative and quantitative projects, including moderation report writing and resources management. She then joined WorldOne in 2012 where she was the internal and external consultant for the French market, as well as the Global Head of Qualitative Resources & Solutions where she developed a solid network of suppliers in Europe, US, and LATAM.

As one of QualWorld’s founding partners, Caroline focuses on key clients’ account management, as well as developing and managing resources. Caroline has a French university degree in human sciences, as well as an MBA in consumer behavior and market research from San Francisco State University.

Her experience allows Caroline to fully understand the needs of research teams for every part of a project and support PMs toward excellence. She is enthusiastic, highly organized, and results-oriented. Caroline has high levels of expectation from herself and collaborators when it comes to project delivery, which greatly contributes to QualWorld success.

“I could not imagine starting my day without my nice, hot cup of tea. Enjoying small pleasures in a work day is key to finding balance in our fast-paced environment.”


Managing Partner of Europe
London, UK

Dino Lista, Managing Partner of Europe, London, UK

Dino co-founded QualWorld in 2014 as Director of Europe. After graduating in communication sciences, he gained a background in market research at EMS as Project Manager. Dino then moved on to WorldOne in 2008, where he helped establish the Qualitative Department as Senior Project Manager. He had a rapid career progression and was appointed as Head of Project Management, Europe in 2012. In this role, he led a successful team managing healthcare qualitative projects.

With 10 years of experience in healthcare market research, Dino uses his knowledge in all aspects of his work and of the work of his team, from bidding stage to final deliverables.

Dino has strong language skills, with Italian being his mother tongue. He is also fluent in English and speaks German, Spanish, French, and Swedish. Throughout his career, he has lived in 4 different European countries. Travelling remains his main passion and source of inspiration; his interest in different cultures helps him have an open mind in all aspects of his life. Being involved on a daily basis in healthcare studies, Dino has developed a special interest in medicine and healthcare issues, and he is an avid reader of healthcare-related blogs and articles.

“I always give 100% in everything I do in life, determined to be the best I can be, whilst still enjoying work, life, family and friends. I am blessed to work with a team that I respect and admire, and doing a job that is so motivating, interesting and rewarding.”

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