Traditional qualitative methodologies

QualWorld offers a full range of traditional qualitative methodologies in both in-field and central location settings:

  • In-field face-to-face interviews
  • IDIs in Central Location
  • Focus Groups in Central Location
  • Tele-depth interviews
  • Pilots / Pre-tests

QualWorld maintains a network of senior healthcare moderators, specialized simultaneous translators and analysts. All moderators are senior level, whether internal or external, and undergo extensive training and reviews.

We are happy to provide bios of our healthcare moderators and fieldwork staff.

Our clients have access to our partnerships with high quality viewing facilities in 36 cities across all key markets worldwide (US, Europe, Latam, Asia).

Innovative qualitative methodologies

QualWorld is an industry leader in fieldwork of innovative qualitative methodologies.

Our partnerships with industry gold standard platforms for online qualitative methodologies allow our clients to benefit from preferred rates and exclusive services. In addition, QualWorld’s exclusive 6-step moderators training program (developed in collaboration with Focus Vision and 20/20) guarantees fully trained Senior Healthcare Moderators in all our markets.

Our innovative offering include:

  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online in-Depth Interviews
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Online Communities
  • Web-assisted Tele-Depth Interviews
  • Mobile Research

Quantitative support

Some quantitative projects require qualitative resources and capabilities. When you need the know-how of qualitative experts to bring your quantitative study to successful completion, we can help.

  • Pilots / pre-tests (prior online quant survey)
  • Traditional pen-and-paper quantitative interviews (Asia)
  • Semi-structured telephone interviews / CAPIs

Our services

  • Global project management (one single contact)
  • Field coordination
  • Recruitment
  • Moderation
  • Translation of research material
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Asynchronous translation
  • Set-up of platforms for online qual
  • Booking and coordination of studios for traditional qual
  • Transcripts (English & local language)
  • Content analysis
  • Country level analysis and reporting

Online focus groups and online IDIs

Rich insights, cost-effectiveness, faster turn-around and simplified logistics guaranteed.

Reaching group consensus

Online Focus Groups allow to exchange ideas and opinions, to obtain controversial interactions and to reach group consensus.

Visual tests

The platform allows for testing of any kind of visual, communication concept, product profile, detail aid, etc.

Fun and relaxed atmosphere

Because they connect from the location of their choice, respondents feel more comfortable and more involved. This results in richer insights.


Because they enjoy the methodology and are more involved in the discussions, respondents provide deeper and more insightful answers.

No change to traditional qual methodologies

Online Focus Groups and Online IDIs allow to do almost everything you would have done in central location or in-field.